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General information

HourBoostr and SingleBoostr are two applications developed to idle games on your Steam accounts. The two programs work differently - and depending on how you to idle, you may want to pick one over the other. Neither applications require you to have the game you want to boost installed, but you do need to own the game in your library.


This program acts like a stand-alone Steam client and will require you to enter your Steam account details. The perks of this application is that you can idle several accounts at once, and you do not need to have Steam installed on the PC you are running it on, which means you can rent a VPS and keep it running for weeks on end. So if you're looking to boost multiple accounts at once on accounts you are not using at the time, this is perfect for you. However, if you are only using one account and you also want to be online and play other games or chat with friends, this will not work very well since you can not be logged in at two locations at the same time. If you want this feature, scroll down and read about SingleBoostr. There is no option to farm trading cards with HourBoostr. If you are looking for this feature then check out SingleBoostr. If you want to farm cards on multiple accounts at once I recommend checking out Archi Steam Farm.

Video tutorial of HourBoostr:


This program is perfect for you if you only have one account that you want to boost. This program requires you to have Steam installed, however you can be logged into your account and play games and chat with your friends while you are boosting other games with SingleBoostr at the same time. SingleBoostr also offers a great way to farm Trading Cards.

Program preview of SingleBoostr: