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F-Stack Release Note

F-Stack is an open source network framework based on DPDK.

2019.11 F-Stack v1.20

  1. F-Stack lib:
  • Fix some bugs. Corresponding upstream changeset from Freebsd releng-11.0/release-11.1/release-11.2/release-11.3/release-12
  • Fix bug of bind and connect. @jin.hao
  • Fix F-stack compile error in Red Hat 8.0 with gcc 8.2.1.
  • Add IPv6 supported.
  • Add make install, and you can not must set FF_DPDK and FF_PATH.
  • Add FF_USE_PAGE_ARRAY compile switch in Makefile, turn on it will not use mcopy when transmit packetes from bsd to dpdk. @jin.hao
  • Add vlan supported. @dragonorloong
  • Add bonding suopported. Note: some bond driver can not work with multi processes.
  • Add pkt_tx_delay parameter in config.ini.
  • Add tx_csum_offoad_skip parameter in config.ini. @JayathS
  1. Nginx:
  • Upgrade to 1.16.1.
  1. Redis:
  • Upgrade to 5.0.5
  1. Tools:
  • Fix the crash bug while excute ff_netstat -n.
  • IPv6 supported.
  • Add make install, and you can use ff_<tool_name> to run F-Stack tools.
  • ff_traffic support -P <max process id> to show traffic info of all processes.
  • ff_top support -P <max process id> to show cpu usage of all processes.
  • All tools can work in one time.
  1. DPDK:
  • Upgrade to 18.11.5 LTS.

2019.11 F-Stack v1.13

  1. F-Stack lib:
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Add interface ff_dup, ff_dup2``ff_ioctl_freebsd, ff_getsockopt_freebsd, ff_setsockopt_freebsd.
  • Initial parameter proc-type can be NULL, default "auto".
  • Add "idle_sleep" parameter to reduce CPU usage when no pkts incomming, add base_virtaddr parameter for some vms.
  • Add arch arm64 compiler options.
  • Support Container(Docker).
  • Support vlan.
  1. Nginx:
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Hook getpeername,getsockname,shutdown.
  • Support "master_process off".
  1. Redis:
  • Reset cpu affinity when new process forked.
  1. Tools:
  • Add traffic tool.
  1. DPDK:
  • Upgrade to 17.11.4 LTS.

2018.5 F-Stack v1.12

  1. Fixed some bugs.
  2. Nginx: host event supported.
  3. kern_timeout: decrease the cpu usage of timer.
  4. DPDK: upgrade to 17.11.2 LTS.

2017.11 F-Stack v1.11

  1. Intel DPDK network I/O module.
  2. FreeBSD Network Stack.
  3. Nic offload: checksum(IP/TCP/UDP), TSO, VLAN, etc.
  4. Network tools: sysctl, ifconfig, route, netstat, top, etc.
  5. Firewall supported: ipfw.
  6. Netgraph supported: ngctl.
  7. Posix-like API: socket,event.
  8. Coroutine API.
  9. Python bindings for F-Stack: pyfstack.
  10. App: Nginx/Redis supported.
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