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  • Please download the windows binaries of Fespp in the release section and follow instructions of the README.txt contained in the zip.
  • If you want to build Fespp by your own, look below for instructions.

BUILD dependencies

  • FESAPI v2.0.0.0
  • ParaView with same HDF5 libraries used by Fesapi

    known to work on Linux and Windows starting from ParaView 5.7.0


  1. CONFIGURE Fespp with CMAKE You should fill in the following variables

    • FESAPI_INCLUDE = path_to_FESAPI_install/include
    • FESAPI_LIBRARY_RELEASE = path_to_FESAPI_install/lib/
    • ParaView_DIR = path_to_paraview_build
  2. GENERATE the build solution with CMAKE once the CONFIGURE step is OK

  3. BUILD the solution generated by CMAKE

  4. COPY the following built libraries

    • in the ParaView bin folder on Linux:

      • (from FESAPI install)
      • (from FESAPI install)
      • (from FESAPI install)
      • (from FESPP install)
      • (from FESPP install)
    • in a ParaView bin\paraview-5.7\plugins\Fespp folder on Windows:

      • FesapiCpp. (from FESAPI install)
      • EPCReader.dll (from FESPP install)
      • Fespp.dll (from FESPP install)
  • Note 1 : You also need to copy FESAPI dependencies such as hdf5, zlib, szip libraries in the same folder on windows. Or to put them in the (LD_LIBRARY_)PATH.
  • Note 2 : On Linux at least, you need to build Paraview with VTK_MODULE_USE_EXTERNAL_VTK_hdf5=ON and VTK_MODULE_USE_EXTERNAL_VTK_zlib=ON for using the same HDF5 libraries in PV and Fespp. We use statically link HDF5 with FESAPI for our Windows build.


  1. Only if you use MPI ParaView version, Run the Paraview server (Caution : use MPI build of ParaView!!!) :

    mpirun -np 8 ./pvserver

  2. Run the ParaView client :


  3. Only if you use MPI ParaView version, Connect the Client to the Server On client side : File->Connect... and then fill in the required fields.
  4. Loading of the Fespp plugins (Caution: on client and, only if you use MPI ParaView version, server sides!!!)

    Menu Tools->Manage plugins... and then select and Load

  5. You can now load a RESQML file (epc document)
    • via epc load manager (blue icon)