1.8 repository for Faithful 32 Modded Edition
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Faithful32-1.8.9 Modded Edition

Looking for the vanilla pack?


Faithful 32 with mod support: All textures done to match the original style.

The original pack is made by Vattic and a long list of helpers. Please look under the Credits section of his forum post linked above.

This repository is a complete resource pack, you do not need to add this to vanilla Faithful 32.


You may use modify this pack in any way you see fit. You may not profit from its distribution or the distribution of derivatives.

Downloading and Usage:

1) Download the latest pack from this site. (1.8 not available yet, coming soon.)

2) Run Minecraft, select "Options...", then "Resource Packs", and finally "Open resource pack folder".

3) Drag and drop the zip downloaded previously into the resource pack folder.

4) Go back to Minecraft, select the Faithful pack, and you're done.

Mods currently supported:

If you would see which mods are currently supported go here.


Have you found a bug or outdated/broken texture and would like to let us know about it? Open an issue.

Have you found a bug or outdated/broken texture and would like to fix it? Read below!


Simply follow these steps:

1) Fork this repository and clone the resulting fork into your Git local client.

2) Make changes to your fork and commit those changes. Seperate your commits between topics!

3) Sync your local changes to your remote fork.

4) Make a pull request(PR) on this repository with a brief description.

5) Other users or team members will give your PR a quality review and if it passes, it will be merged.


1) Contact DZCreeper directly with textures. They will undergo the same quality review as normal submissions.