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Helm Chart for the F5 BIG-IP Controller

This chart simplifies repeatable, versioned deployment of the F5 BIG-IP Controller for Kubernetes.


  • Add your BIG-IP device to your Kubernetes or OpenShift Cluster.
  • Create a partition on your BIG-IP device for the BIG-IP Controller to manage. The Controller cannot manage objects in the /Common partition.
  • Create a Secret containing the BIG-IP login credentials for the Controller. The Controller needs an account with administrator-level permissions to ensure full functionality.

The chart contains the following default values for partition and Secret, respectively:

  • f5-bigip-ctlr and
  • f5-bigip-ctlr-login

Be sure to change these if they differ from your actual partition and Secret names, using --set <param>=<value> or -f <values-file.yaml> as appropriate. See customizing the chart before installing for more details.

Chart Details

The chart creates a Deployment for one Pod containing the k8s-bigip-ctlr and its supporting RBAC resources.

Installing the Chart

Run the commands shown below to install the chart using the default values.

helm repo add f5-stable https://f5networks.github.io/charts/stable
helm install --set args.bigip_url= f5-stable/f5-bigip-ctlr


# from fork
helm install --set args.bigip_url= charts/src/stable/f5-bigip-ctlr

Chart parameters:

Note: Helm value names cannot include the character - which is commonly used in the names of parameters passed to the controller. To accomodate Helm, the parameter names in values.yaml use _ and then replace them with - when rendering. e.g. args.bigip_url is rendered as bigip-url as required by the Controler.

Parameter Description Default
bigip_login_secret Secret that contains BIG-IP login credentials f5-bigip-ctlr-login
serviceaccount name of ServiceAccount the ctlr will use f5-bigip-ctlr-serviceaccount
args.bigip_url The management IP for your BIG-IP device Required, no default
args.partition BIG-IP partition the ctlr will manage f5-bigip-ctlr
args.log_level Log detail DEBUG for incubation chart
args.verify_interval Interval, in seconds, at which to verify BIG-IP settings Default is 30
args.node_poll_interval Interval, in seconds, at which to poll the cluster Default is 30

See the Controller documentation for a full list of configuration parameters.

If you have a specific use case for F5 products in the Kubernetes environment that would benefit from a curated chart, please open an issue describing your use case and providing example resources.