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Application Services 3 Extension (AS3) is a flexible, low-overhead mechanism for managing application-specific configurations on a BIG-IP system. AS3 uses a declarative model, meaning you provide a JSON declaration rather than a set of imperative commands.


For the documentation on AS3, including download, installation, and usage instructions, see the AS3 User and Reference guides at http://clouddocs.f5.com/products/extensions/f5-appsvcs-extension/latest/.

Example AS3 declarations

The AS3 documentation contains a wide variety of example declarations you can use directly or modify to suit your needs. See the Examples and Additional Examples pages.

Filing Issues and Getting Help

If you come across a bug or other issue when using AS3, use GitHub Issues to submit an issue for our team. You can also see the current known issues on that page, which are tagged with a purple Known Issue label.

Because AS3 is has been created and fully tested by F5 Networks, it is fully supported by F5. This means you can get assistance if necessary from F5 Technical Support.

Be sure to see the Support page in this repo for more details and supported versions of AS3.

Community Help
We encourage you to use our Slack channel for discussion and assistance on AS3 templates (click the f5-appsvcs-extension channel). There are F5 employees who are members of this community who typically monitor the channel Monday-Friday 9-5 PST and will offer best-effort assistance. This slack channel community support should not be considered a substitute for F5 Technical Support. See the Slack Channel Statement for guidelines on using this channel.


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