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DVB transmit and receive
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About dvbsdr

dvbsdr is an integration of several projects around Digital Amator TeleVision using SDR technics.

LimeSDRMini is the main supported SDR hardware for now.

This project is less user friendly than BATC Portsdown also based on similar components.

This project help people who want to use latest developments and more in depeth experts parameters.

It should run on

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano
  • Some parts works on regular X86 Debian based


Be sure to have git package installed :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git

You can now clone the repository. A script ( is there for easy installation. You could inspect it and make steps manualy in case of any doubt.

git clone
cd dvbsdr


Scripts are located under dvbsdr/scripts

  • Pi : Encode from Picamera or USB Webcam
  • Jetson nano : Encode from Picamera V2 or transmodulate from an incoming IP transport stream
  • All : Modulate from an incoming IP transport stream

Please inspect each script, parameters are mainly self documented.

Special firmware

In order to decrease USB bandwidth and have better signal quality, a special Firmware is available.

In order to use this mode you should prior flash it,


If you like to reverse back to regular firmware



Some components are installed but not used right now (csdr,leandvb,KisSpectrum...) which will be integrated in the future (or not) to extend DATV only transmission feature.

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