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This repository contains Code and pipelines from the FAANG Integrative Genomics and Network Biology (FNB) working group.


  • Generate a panel of recommended methods and software tools that robustly integrate different data types with a focus on network analysis and to provide feedback on the quality of and feasibility of integrated/network approaches.
  • Define community standards for statistical methods that make inferences from integrated data and to develop recommended methods for establishing statistical significance (e.g. making sense of correlations and profiles).
  • The group would discuss and evaluate database and storage methods for large biological networks using FAANG data.
  • The group would advise other FAANG groups on experimental design issues relevant to downstream integrative genomics and network biology analyses (e.g. minimum sample sizes required for correlation-based network approaches).
  • The group would establish an active, inclusive and friendly community for animal scientists interested in the application of integrative genomics and network biology.


Contributing to FNB is simple!

Development for FNB is discussed using github issues. If you are interesting in hacking and don't know where to start, check out the issues page for current bugs and open feature requests. Feel free to comment one already opened issues for clarification or to open an issue yourself!

Development Cycle

FAANG-IGNB has two main branches: main and dev. Development will be primarily on dev and once milestones have been hit, versioned changes will be pulled into main.

Code will be incorportated into the FNB base after:

  • A reference to a specific issue has been made in an Issue (which generated an Issue number)
  • Upstream code does not break current test code
  • Additional test code specific to added feature has been added
  • A Pull Request has been made that specifically references the issue in question.

After contributing, contact us and we will add your info here!

Software and Content Licensing

All code and software published in the repository is released under the Apache 2.0 (See LICENSE) and all other content is released under CC-BY 4.0.

Code Of Conduct

We expect users to be excellent to each other as well as to provide supportive and engaging conversations. The FNB group shares the same code of conduct as the Mozilla Science Lab, follow the link for specific expectations :)


Code and pipelines from the FAANG Network Biology working group




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