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The FABtotum Personal Fabricator Firmware, a Marlin derivate made to support hybrid manufacturing and digital acquisition
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libraries Update copyright and contribution notes Apr 16, 2018

                    FABlin Firmware

for FABtotum Personal Fabricator and FABtotum Core platforms

This is FABlin, a Marlin derivative firmware. Marlin was originally created by Erik Zalm ( The changes made are focused on multipurpose personal fabrication and hardware characteristics of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator such as 3D/4 Axis milling, 3D/4 axis scanning, Touch-probing and the Totumduino Board I/Os capabilities.


with Arduino IDE

To correctly compile the firmware with Arduino you must set the folder where this repository is checked out as Arduino's sketchbook folder inside Arduino's preferences. Alternatively you can manually copy the FABlin/libraries/SmartComm folder into your current sketchbook's libraries folder.

For further info refer to

with PlatformIO

A default platformio.ini file with correct directories definitions is now included in the repository. To compile the firmware simply run:

platformio run

inside this repository's root folder. To upload the firmware on the board or flash it directly into it refer to platformio documentation. platformio.ini has a default definition for using an AVRISP-mk2 usb programmer. To directly flash the firmware onto TOTUMduino using that defintion, run:

platformio run -t program

Latest Changes


  • Fix power supply issues in Laser Heads
  • Fix M999 behavior with pending temperature errors
  • Fix M42 command output


  • More stable temperature readings on edge and error conditions


  • Fix heaters not working inside PID tuning procedure (M303 command)
  • Fix missing bed temperature readings with some toolheads
  • Better stability when reconfiguring tools and installing new heads
  • Fix M563 output when the bed's thermistor is active without the bed heater being so

Version 1.1.1

  • Add support functions for Fabtotum Laser Head PRO
  • Added support for head-installed external probe, M746 S2 selects it
  • Expanded G38 for external-probing with movement on all the three axes
  • Better emergency stop in case of head faults
  • M793 S0 can be issued to shut-down all head lines and functions
  • Changes in tool configuration
    • M563 accepts multiple values per parameter, e.g. M563 P0 D0 H0:1
    • Revised heaters numbering:
      • 0: bed heater
      • 1: head heater
      • 4: bed temp sensor with disabled heater
      • 5: head temp sensor with disabled heater
    • Revised M563 command output
  • Added support for a motor driver (drive n.3) through bed pins; no DIR pin available

For the complete changelog, see ChangeLog.


FABlin is possible thanks to the contributions by:

  • Simone Cociancich
  • Marco Rizzuto
  • Daniel Kesler
  • imarin2
  • Krios Mane
  • Enrico Ambrosini
  • Wolfgang Meyerle
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