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Your contributions here are most welcome if they are constructive and made in a friendly manner. Contributing here means that you accept the licensing terms.

We have added some example entries (example 1 and example 2) to give a sense of the kind of contributions you might make. These could flag literature we should consult, existing projects, studies or results that are relevant, or ideas you have for implementing FAIR data.

Please provide as much context as possible in your description, together with links to relevant resources. If you are responding to particular questions from the call or want to share ideas for specific sections of the report, it would help to indicate these in your contribution.

Once new issues are submitted, we will assign labels to help us categorise and group the contributions. Different members of the Expert Group will be assigned these to review based on who is researching and writing up each section of the report. We will comment back on the individual issues so you are notified of progress.