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Browser extension for accessing open data resources in the biomedical domain
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FAIR-biomed is a browser extension for accessing open data resources in the biomedical domain.

See the project website or website source repo for information on how to install the extension in a web browser, how to personalize the extension to your needs, and a list of all the supported resources.

The website also has the developer's documentation on the code structure in this repository, and how to incorporate new plugins into the resource library.


To compile the source code into a working extension, clone the repository into a local directory. You will need to use node and npm. The latest builds were performed using node v13.3.0, and npm v6.13.1, although other versions may also work. To check your version, execute the following commands.

node --version
npm --version

Next, install dependencies and build the extension.

npm install
npm run test
npm run build

Note: running the test suite is not optional, and the extension may not work if this step is skipped.

To prepare the extension for Chrome or Firefox using a single-line script, specify the target browser and build for production.

BROWSER=chrome npm run production
BROWSER=firefox npm run production

The extension files will appear in a directory dist.


An archiving script creates production builds for Chrome and Firefox and packages all source files into a separate zip.

./archive-version VERSION_NUMBER

Note: the uppercase text in the above command is a placeholder - replace it with some version identifier, e.g. 0.0 or dev.

Get involved

Feedback and contributions are welcome. Please raise an issue in the github repository.

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