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The following is a list of papers that FALCONN builds on.

Papers About LSH

  • P. Indyk, R. Motwani, "Approximate Nearest Neighbors: Towards Removing the Curse of Dimensionality", STOC 1998 (link to the journal version joint with S. Har-Peled)
  • M. Charikar, "Similarity Estimation Techniques from Rounding Algorithms", STOC 2002 (link)
  • Q. Lv, W. Josephson, Z. Wang, M. Charikar, K. Li, "Multi-Probe LSH: Efficient Indexing for High-Dimensional Similarity Search", VLDB 2007 (link)
  • K. Terasawa, Y. Tanaka, "Spherical LSH for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on Unit Hypersphere", WADS 2007 (link)
  • A. Andoni, P. Indyk, T. Laarhoven, I. Razenshteyn, L. Schmidt, "Practical and Optimal LSH for Angular Distance", NIPS 2015 (link)

Other Papers

  • N. Ailon, B. Chazelle, "The Fast Johnson–Lindenstrauss Transform And Approximate Nearest Neighbors", STOC 2006, (link)
  • K. Weinberger, A. Dasgupta, J. Attenberg, J. Langford, A. Smola, "Feature Hashing for Large Scale Multitask Learning", ICML 2009 (link)
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