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Downloading and Installing FAMILIAR

We provide different solutions for using FAMILIAR:

FAMILIAR environment

This is the standalone graphical version, or simply called the FAMILIAR Environment. The tool was developed using Java with Prefuse visualization toolkit and AWT/Swing. It offers fully integrated modeling environment which includes the FAMILIAR Editor, Console and Language. It is designed to provide an intuitive and easy to use user interface allowing (non-expert) users to build Feature Models and reason about them.

Watch the FAMILIAR Tool demo on Screencast.com: http://www.screencast.com/t/1oJBNwvw5f41

The FAMILIAR Tool is available for download as a JAR file: 1.1

Basic environment

The standalone version is simply a JAR file that supports console mode only.

Available here: 1.1

java -jar -Xmx1024M FML-basic-1.1.jar --help

Usage: java FML
                [-v|--verbose] [-h|--help] [--version] [(-p|--path)[:paths1,paths2,...,pathsN ]] [(-o|--output) <output>] [<filename>]

        Requests verbose output.


        Version of FAMILIAR

  [(-p|--path)[:paths1,paths2,...,pathsN ]]
        Paths to consider (FAMILIAR files should be located in those paths)

  [(-o|--output) <output>]
        Output folder where FAMILIAR files are produced.

        FAMILIAR file to interpret.

Here is an example session (you can download the foo.fml script):

scriptsRepository $ java -jar -Xmx1024M FML-basic-1.1.jar foo.fml 
FAMILIAR (for FeAture Model scrIpt Language for manIpulation and Automatic Reasoning)  version 1.1 (beta)
fml> ls
fml> fm1
fm1: (FEATURE_MODEL) A: [D] B C ; 
(D -> C);
fml> renameFeature fm1.A as "AAA"
res0: (BOOLEAN) true
fml> fm1
fm1: (FEATURE_MODEL) AAA: [D] B C ; 
(D -> C);
fml> c1 = configuration fm1
c1: (CONFIGURATION) selected: [AAA, B, C]   deselected: []
fml> select D in c1
res1: (BOOLEAN) true
fml> c1
c1: (CONFIGURATION) selected: [D, AAA, B, C] 	 deselected: []
fml> c2 = configuration fm1
c2: (CONFIGURATION) selected: [AAA, B, C] 	 deselected: []

Another more funny session is here. Look at the poster, the "corresponding" FAMILIAR script poster.fml and the FAMILIAR output below:

scriptsRepository macher1$ java -jar -Xmx1024M ../release/FML-basic-1.1.jar 
FAMILIAR (for FeAture Model scrIpt Language for manIpulation and Automatic Reasoning)  version 1.1 (beta)
fml> run "poster.fml"
fmASE: (FEATURE_MODEL) Slicing: Technique [FutureWork] Motivation Paper Algorithm Support ; 
Technique: (ReasoningWithTwoKindsOfVariability|UpdatingAndExtractingViews|ReconcilingFMs)+ ; 
Motivation: (MultipleInterRelatedFMs|LargeAndComplexFMs)+ ; 
Paper: (Short|Long|Demonstration)+ ; 
Algorithm: (SyntacticalTechnique|SemanticsAware) [PropositionalLogics] [Semantics] [CorrectiveCapabilities] [RootSupport] [SupportForConstraints] ; 
Support: [Language] [Environment] [Automation] ; 
Demonstration: CaseStudy ; 
Semantics: Hierarchy [SetOfConfigurations] ; 
Environment: (Eclipse|Standalone)+ [Editors] ; 
Automation: (SAT|BDD)+ ; 
CaseStudy: (MedicalImagingWorkflows|VideoSurveillanceProcessingChains|ReverseEngineeringSoftwareArchitecture) ; 
Editors: [GraphicalEditor] [TextualEditor] ; 
(CorrectiveCapabilities -> SupportForConstraints);
(TextualEditor -> Eclipse);
(CorrectiveCapabilities -> SemanticsAware);
(SetOfConfigurations <-> SemanticsAware);
(Algorithm <-> RootSupport);
(Language -> TextualEditor);
(Algorithm <-> CorrectiveCapabilities);
(Algorithm <-> Semantics);
(SemanticsAware -> Automation);
fmSemantics: (FEATURE_MODEL) Semantics: Hierarchy SetOfConfigurations ;
fmAlgorithm: (FEATURE_MODEL) Algorithm: RootSupport SupportForConstraints SemanticsAware ;
fmEnvironment: (FEATURE_MODEL) Slicing: Technique [CaseStudy] ; 
Technique: (ReasoningWithTwoKindsOfVariability|UpdatingAndExtractingViews|ReconcilingFMs)+ ; 
CaseStudy: (MedicalImagingWorkflows|VideoSurveillanceProcessingChains|ReverseEngineeringSoftwareArchitecture) ;
fmSupport: (FEATURE_MODEL) Support: Language Environment Automation TextualEditor ; 
Environment: Eclipse [Standalone] ; 
Automation: (SAT|BDD)+ ;
rootE: (FEATURE) Slicing
res4: (BOOLEAN) true

Eclipse Plugin

The Eclipse update site is down, we will fix it ASAP

The Eclipse plugin requires Java 1.6 and Eclipse Juno (>= 4.2) with Xtext 2.0