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Effective, simplistic, standalone http-poll. Based on python3/flask and sqlite.
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What is python-simple-poll?

A simple open-source web-based poll, inspired by Strawpoll. It's build uppon the Flask-Microframework and supports voting-tokens.

Many existing solution use a massive amount of third-party CSS and JavaScript, the resulting web-pages are complex, slow and the overuse of JavaScript in the backend makes them difficult to understand in general. Most also require a full-scale Database setup.

This software is therefore intended to be an easy deployable, minnimum feature alternative to more complex solutions like LimeSurvey.

A live-demo can be found on

Running behind a reverse proxy

If you are running the server behind a reverse proxy you must set a X-REAL-HOSTNAME-header with the correct hostname. In nginx that would be:

proxy_set_header X-REAL-HOSTNAME $hostname;

Supported Features

  • single choice
  • multiple choice
  • token based voting
  • changing vote when using tokens


Creation Voting Results

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