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What is "Skillbird" ?

Skillbird is a framework around the python-Trueskill library, which can parse files of versus games to calculate a rating, matchmaking suggestions for future games or create predictions for the outcome of a game with certain team compositions.


apt install sqlite3 python3 python3-pip
python3 -m pip install -r req.txt
cd python/
mkdir data/
sqlite -init players.sqlite.init players.sqlite
sqlite -init rounds.sqlite.init rounds.sqlite
./init -h

Web Interface

The Open-web-leaderboard can be used for visualization. If you leave all settings at default, it should work out of the box.


Data Transmission


Your server may collect certain events during a match of two teams and columinatively report them to the server, which will then evalute those event into a single Round. The events must be submitted as a JSON-list with Content-Type application/json in a field called "events". Event must be dictionary-like JSON-objects as described below.

    events : [ { ... }, { ... } ]



This events lists all players currently in the game, it must be fired whenever a new player connects, changes team or disconnects, but may also be fired at any other point. The NUMERIC_TEAM_IDENTIIER must be 0 for no team, 1 for observers or 2/3 respectively for players actually in one of the teams.

    "etype"     : "active_players",
    "timestamp" : ISO_TIMESTAMP,
    "players"   : [
                        "id"    : UNIQUE_PLAYER_ID,
                        "name"  : COLOQUIAL_NAME,
                        "team"  : NUMERIC_TEAM_IDENTIIER


Event annotating who won a round. Any single round MUST only have one such Event.

    "etype"         : "winner",
    "timestamp"     : ISO_TIMESTAMP,
    "winnerTeam"    : NUMERIC_TEAM_IDENTIIER


Optional event to annotate the map that was played on. Each individual round must only have one such event.

    "etype"     : "map",
    "timestamp" : ISO_TIMESTAMP,
    "map"       : MAP_NAME


Your may transmitt a json dictionary representing an actuall round, this is intended more for backups and manual inputs rather than production use, it basicly skips backends.eventStream.parse and goes directly to backends.trueskill.evaluateRound.

    "map"         : MAP_STRING_OR_NULL,
    "winner-side" : NUMERIC_TEAM_ID_OR_NULL,
    "winners"     : [ player, player, ... ],
    "losers"      : [ player, player, ..., ],
    "duration"    : DURATION_OF_ROUND_IN_SECONDS,
    "startTime"   : ISO_TIMESTAMP_OR_NULL

The player struct in the winner/loser-array must look like this:

    "playerId"   : PLAYER_ID_STR,
    "playerName" : PLAYER_NAME,
    "isFake"     : BOOLEAN,
    "activeTime" : ACTIVE_TIME_IN_SECONDS,

You cannot ommit the duration/active_time fields, if you don't need or want to use them set them to 1. If the winner side is unkown or your game is symetrical (meaning there is no possible advantage for one side or the other, set it to -1.

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Skillbird is a framework around the python-Trueskill library, which can parse files of versus games to calculate a rating.




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