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A ace based permission system for FiveM
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Fax Core By FAXES

About Today I present to you a new script that is so diverse and unique, it's one of a kind. This is Fax-Core, a permission system to blacklist certain groups from things from vehicles to ped models, and it all uses Ace permissions. Yes no database, no editing tons of files to add groups etc.

With Fax Core you have 3 administration and 4 user ranks, each with their own set of permissions (all groups are outlined below). With the base of Fax Core you can whitelist; vehicles, peds and weapons for specific groups. Eg: Senior admins can not use the owner vehicle but people with the owner permission can. Below is a list of features and videos on setting up and a highlight video.


  • Ace Based permission system
  • Blacklist vehicles
  • Blacklist ped models
  • Blacklist weapons
  • 7 user groups, each for different perms
  • Option to make external resources that use Fax-Core's permission system
  • Configurable with...
  • Config file for easy moderation / set-up
  • Alerts for version checking
  • Alerts to make sure perms are set up
  • Lots of documentation, so don't ask if you have not read ;)
  • Made with ❤️ and :mascot:

In the download:

  • __resource.lua
  • client.lua
  • client-messages.lua
  • config.lua
  • functions.lua
  • perms.cfg
  • server.lua

Rank Table:

Name Ace Name Perm Level Number
Owner Fax.owner 6
Senior Admin Fax.snradmin 5
Admin Fax.fadmin 4
Member 3 Fax.member3 3
Member 2 Fax.member2 2
Member 1 Fax.member1 1
Guest N/A 0

Guest does not have an ace, the script auto assigns it is no ace is specified for a client

Requirements FiveM Server :D

Installation Instructions

  • Make sure to read carefully extremely carefully...
  • Installation can be found on the setup wiki, other wiki's are availble as well.

Download Both are on latest update

Credit Credit to @Xander and @Scammer for scripting @Demonen for helping with the ped blacklist

Further Support If you have any issues, comments or suggestions please put them below. :mascot:

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