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An enhanced Skyward mobile client.

Deeper Description

SkyMobile currently allows FBISD users to login to Skyward using a better UI and allows for easier grade viewing on iPhones, iPad support currently not available.


  • Login UI: finished
  • AverageViewer: finished
  • AssignmentViewer: finished
  • Detailed Single AssignmentViewer: finished
  • GPA Calculator: UNFINISHED
  • Mock Assignments: UNFINISHED

Known Bugs

  • AverageViewer screen is indecisive on what averages it wants to display
  • AssignmentViewer crashes when trying to display semester averages + Loading into Gradebook can sometimes be slow when Skyward is fast

Instructions to Installation

Currently, the app is not on the app store, so cydia impactor is required to install using your own apple id.

  1. Install Cydia Impactor

  2. Download IPA release from Release section on GitHub

  3. Go to the AppleID website and log in.

  4. Create an app-specific passcode and name it Cydia Impactor, then save it to a secure location.

  5. Connect your phone to you computer and open Cydia Imapctor from your computer. WINDOWS USERS: DO NOT OPEN AS ADMINISTRATOR

  6. When you see your phone pop up in the Cydia Impactor window, drag the dowloaded IPA to the Cydia Impactor window, then login with your AppleID and APP Specific Password from step 4.

  7. Wait for the app to finish installing.

  8. On your phone, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles or Profiles & Device Management and trust your AppleID.