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Debian-live brew suitable for the ISN option of the french baccalaureat

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This project aims at providing the students of the Computer Science
option in the French Baccalauréat ("Informatique et Sciences du
Numérique") with a live system containing all the tools that they

Its technical substrate is the debian-live tool suite allowing to
create live systems that you can boot from an USB stick, with support
for persistancy of your data. 

Some extra tools are envisionned in addition of debian-live (or as
contribution to that project) to ease the dupplication and update of
USB sticks. It should be as easy as possible to create a fresh USB
stick from an existing one (for new students, or when a stick gets
lost), and to update a stick (to the lastest program versions).

Beyond these technical considerations, we plan to have a coherent
editorial activity to select the tools and media that are part of the
system as pedagogical material.

Please note that this project is still in its early stage right now,
but will probably rapidly evolve, as the first lectures of the ISN
option are expected for the scolar year 2012-2013.

PS: sorry, but most of this project's documentation is in French
beside of this file. We french people are definitely bad world
citizen... You knew that already...


Debian-live brew suitable for the ISN option of the french baccalaureat






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  • Shell 65.5%
  • HTML 10.8%
  • Scheme 9.0%
  • C 5.3%
  • Perl 4.1%
  • JavaScript 2.9%
  • Other 2.4%