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lpfmpoints - Evolution of LPFM Stations

This time series visualization depicts approximate dates of U.S. Low Power FM stations going on the air along with milestones in the establishment and expansion of the LPFM service from 2000 to March 2011.

To view the time series, visit the gh-page

For more information about Low Power FM in the United States, please visit the FCC page.


This project is one of a number of visualization tools being investigated to communcate policy issues in new formats. This time series intends to display how the change in polices have allowed more Low Power FM stations to be established. Additional projects were developed in conjunction with this one:


  • Data are stored in a cartoDB table
  • /data directory also contains a copy of the source data in GeoJSON format (WGS 84) lpfm_points.geojson


Inspiration for this visualization comes from the Guardian UK’s First World War Ship Movements and the good folks at cartoDB and their torque project.

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