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-Universal Service Fund E-Rate program data for FY2010 from FCC Forms 471 (Blocks 1, 4, and 5)
+Universal Service Fund E-Rate program data for FY2010 from FCC Forms 471 (Blocks 1, 4, and 5)
+This zip file contains two separate files of data associated with approved FCC Forms 471 filed for
+Funding Year 2010 (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011). Also included in this package are two DDL
+files and third data file that explains each field contained in the two data files. The data are accurate as of October 8, 2012.
+This file contains data associated with all Funding Year 2010 FCC Forms 471 that were received
+during the application filing window, and that have received a Funding Commitment Decision
+Letter (FCDL) approving funding. These FCDLs provide a final funding decision for all funding
+requests included in the FCC Form 471 application. Applications that were started but never
+completed, or which were received after the FCC Form 471 application filing window closed, as
+well as applications that were either denied in full or cancelled, or those for which a final
+funding decision has not yet been made, are not included.
+This file contain data points include data from Blocks 1 and 5 of the FCC Form 471 as well as
+some additional data regarding the funding decision and some aggregate disbursement data.
+This second data file includes a list of all of the schools and libraries that are receiving service for
+each of the funding requests listed in the first data file. This file contains information about the
+school or library, as well as the information needed to calculate the E-rate discount for the
+entity, including the percentage of students who are eligible for the National School Lunch
+Program (NSLP). The file contains the FCC Form 471, FRN and FCC Form 471 Item 22, which
+allows users to link the specific list of recipients of service to the individual funding request
+included in OPENDATA_FY2010. Some funding request may only provide service to a single
+entity, while others can include service to multiple entities. Therefore, the number of lines for a
+given funding request in this file will vary. Finally, note that when different organizations apply
+for services for the same entity, they may report different discount information.
+Additional Information
+Additional information about the E-rate program can be found on USAC's website,, or by calling the Client Service Bureau at 888-203-8100.

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