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voor dingen die je haat in Gent
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Ik Haat Gent (

Avoid things you don't like in Ghent

Build Status

Een site dingen te vermijden die je haat in Gent.


Gemaakt tijdens (M)Apps for Ghent 2016 door Haroen Viaene, Elias Meire, Simon Wydooghe, Leenke De Donder en Aaike Geussens.

Updating data

  • everything

This is also done by Travis

npm install
npm run update

This will fetch some of the data manually, and GIPOD is parsed into GeoJSON.

If you want to update even more data locally, try:

curl -s -o src/data/speelterreinen.geojson
curl -s -o src/data/clubhuizenvoorsenioren.geojson
curl -s -o src/data/hondenvoorzieningen.geojson

It doesn't matter if data in dev is out of date, it should be up to date in gh-pages via Travis (updated daily)

Running locally

This is a Jekyll site, so installing Ruby and then doing (sudo)gem install jekyll. Then you can run the site with jekyll serve.

Note: requesting location (for the haat button) requires the site to be run via https locally as well. You do this by running jekyll s --ssl-cert assets/ca.crt --ssl-key assets/ca.key. or npm run serve as a shortcut.


  • Jekyll
  • Open Street Maps
    • Overpass Turbo
    • Leaflet
    • Mapbox
  • Open Data by Ghent
  • GIPOD (and Haroen's wrapper)
  • Firebase
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