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use lib ".";
use Test::Fuzz;

sub bla (Int $bla, Int $ble --> UInt) is fuzzed {
	$bla + $ble

sub ble (Int $ble) is fuzzed {
	die "it is prime!" if $

sub bli (Str :$bli) is fuzzed {
	die "it's too long" unless $bli.chars < 10

sub blo ("test") is fuzzed {

multi MAIN(Bool :$fuzz!) {


Test::Fuzz is a tool to generative/fuzz testing. Add the is fuzzed trait and Test::Fuzz will try to figure out the best generators to use to test your function.

To run the tests, just call the run-tests function.


    # with panda
    > panda install Test::Fuzz

    # or, with zef
    > zef install Test::Fuzz