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use lib ".";
use Test::Fuzz;

sub bla (Int $bla, Int $ble --> UInt) is fuzzed {
	$bla + $ble

sub ble (Int $ble) is fuzzed {
	die "it is prime!" if $

sub bli (Str :$bli) is fuzzed {
	die "it's too long" unless $bli.chars < 10

sub blo ("test") is fuzzed {

sub blu (Str $blu) {

fuzz &blu;

multi MAIN(Bool :$fuzz!) {


Test::Fuzz is a tool for generative/fuzz testing. Add the is fuzzed trait and Test::Fuzz will try to figure out the best generators to use to test your function. If the function was already made, pass it to the fuzz function for the same effect.

To run the tests, just call the run-tests function.


    # with zef
    > zef install Test::Fuzz

    # or, with 6pm (
    > $ 6pm install Test::Fuzz