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C-PAC: Configurable Pipeline for the Analysis of Connectomes

DOI for "Moving Beyond Processing and Analysis-Related Variation in Neuroscience" DOI for "FCP-INDI/C-PAC: CPAC Version 1.0.0 Beta"


A configurable, open-source, Nipype-based, automated processing pipeline for resting state fMRI data. Designed for use by both novice users and experts, C-PAC brings the power, flexibility and elegance of Nipype to users in a plug-and-play fashion; no programming required.


The C-PAC website is located here:

How to Run

Instructions can be found within our quick-start guide:


User documentation can be found here:

Developer documentation can be found here:

Documentation pertaining to this latest release can be found here:

Discussion Forum

If you are stuck and need help or have any other questions or comments about C-PAC, there is a C-PAC discussion forum here:

Issue Tracker and Bugs

This is a beta version of C-PAC, which means that it is still under active development. As such, although we have done our best to ensure a stable pipeline, there will likely still be a few bugs that we did not catch. If you find a bug or would like to suggest a new feature, please open an issue on the the C-PAC Github issue tracker:

If you would like to suggest revisions to the user documentation, please open an issue on the C-PAC website's GitHub issue tracker: