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Statistics panel enhancement #43

weidemann opened this issue Oct 29, 2013 · 1 comment

Statistics panel enhancement #43

weidemann opened this issue Oct 29, 2013 · 1 comment


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@weidemann weidemann commented Oct 29, 2013

Reviewing PyCorrFit vs 0.8.0. Parameter plotting in the Statistics panel is very nice and helpful. Here I suggest few improvements and little cosmetics:

  1. It would ease the workflow to keep the order of appearance of parameters in the pull-down menu the same as in the statistics export frame ”variables” (for a revised order see below).
  2. The parameters are plotted versus internal page number starting from 0 to max. The data points of the lowest and the highest number fuse with the y-axis and are hardly visible.
  3. The text “Create a table..” should be moved inside the “variables” frame, since it refers to export not to display. The frame “variables” could be renamed into “export parameters”, I think this more straightforward.
  4. When many pages are plotted the default size of the Statistics panel is not large enough. One can drag the corner to improve visibility. However, when selecting a different page in the main fitting panel it snaps back. Maybe it can be educated to behave and keep size.
  5. After “clear session” the statistics panel should revert to default.
  6. During fitting, one may encounter the situation to first explore the values (e.g. triplet time), derive a mean, and fix this parameter to this value in a second round. Therefore it would be useful to display the parameter average in the Statistics panel. One could add below “Plot parameter” an additional row containing “Average ” and the respective output window. Since it is called the “Statistics” panel displaying a "Standard deviation" for the selected parameter might also be a good idea.
  7. The order of appearance of the exported fields could be more systematic. E.g. for the most often used T-3D-3D model: (1) filename/title (2) Model Name, (3) avg. signal [kHz], (4) G(0), (5) tau-trp [µs], (6) T [%], (7) tau-diff1 [ms], (8) F1 [%], (9) tau-diff2 [µs], (10) F2 [%], (11) tau-diff3 [µs], (12) F3 [%]. Then the secondary parameters like (13) n [particles], (14) CPP [kHz/particle] etc. Then the pure annotations like (15) duration [sec] etc.
    The rationale behind is that one quickly has to identify the type of experiment and the used model. Then the primary fit parameters should follow, because this is the most important fields. Primary fit parameters are simply the pairs of correlation times together with their fractional contribution to the overall amplitude (G(0)). Secondary parameters are derived but not unambiguous. For example they may depend on non-correlated background. Another issue is that some papers claim for blinking GFPs that G(0) = 1/n and not G(0) = 1/n/(1-T) as it is for triplet, etc. So the user has eventually to take control and make decisions. When primary fit parameters appear first they also will be first in the exported tab delimited text. This is convenient for referencing the fields and post-processing of the data.
  8. Primary parameters could appear checked by default when opening the statistics panel.
  9. Deleted pages produce gaps on the x-axis.
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@paulmueller paulmueller commented Jan 25, 2014

Closed in 0.8.2

paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
…n frame

Former-commit-id: 09a55c9dc583701bb3fd9036984d80ce4314a957 [formerly f2c99ec4586ecfdbcb68ab61df48712f3cbabe7c] [formerly e69311d2078a7719b5f5e201284e69f8a62f5c2a] [formerly 4db00715c280ac18667010643f1350c060aa2ae6 [formerly 61474e99ca432c6cac87719810dccc923b4a0ec1] [formerly e69311d2078a7719b5f5e201284e69f8a62f5c2a [formerly 0d8378c]]]
Former-commit-id: 8edf81b44a5e8c98199b71bc8e74b4f729961737 [formerly e742701665d6c961431b1d97fde93a230bcb1ed0] [formerly 61cc0a79e90b04ee659c6f2f468a3bdc4c735670 [formerly 9c814cdcda011740fbeaee94677f2babdb7fe275]]
Former-commit-id: 61cc0a79e90b04ee659c6f2f468a3bdc4c735670
Former-commit-id: 211430d4bb409aaf1e4211f87b0e38e822f4890c
paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
… title

Former-commit-id: fd36eedff30dbce37b55c90b56c2f69263ca39c3 [formerly 250427bf546ca949a63aef323fd457ac5bb75cdc] [formerly 2a07c9c5b3fc2543eec00f8808393fcb352e7428] [formerly f36017f15f3f41f4b68b8a787b0c8a28ee46ab4f [formerly a78c182850762a45b885daa7205ff3ea042c7ac6] [formerly 2a07c9c5b3fc2543eec00f8808393fcb352e7428 [formerly b2b9a74]]]
Former-commit-id: 069c52c95c2595136d8aa28a01dd564ae44f51a0 [formerly ad5a346d8e9d934a4c05d4aae8dca3e7a7509b53] [formerly 7476f1527316f9d53430668e5f765e9d944b8d3c [formerly 17dcbbe82766b447b352f60ce34275c70b946900]]
Former-commit-id: 7476f1527316f9d53430668e5f765e9d944b8d3c
Former-commit-id: 9e4d816967f9eedc4f234d10987878d627b43b1f
paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
Former-commit-id: 6ebb5d9722aad14da828d0c10db874729d8cb78c [formerly 1479bb488534ae5f4729fed4b0a3614150b7ecc3] [formerly cf25b9869932a3064ab21e011d74a1d035600134] [formerly 7e5e7a2897344aad6476bcf8a9bd210d206d9bd0 [formerly 35003c7fa5332b50776e76c89122e86470cb8581] [formerly cf25b9869932a3064ab21e011d74a1d035600134 [formerly 55f9ddc]]]
Former-commit-id: e93dd5949179b63f6ae0be651a7b19ae28d0fc32 [formerly 9032981911d9b2982eedb209e4337140e70a17de] [formerly aaf3283a88652e11f426d5e3dd851bd9cbc18dab [formerly 3a5161cedb22c2b88c63e38237ce59a8ed090124]]
Former-commit-id: aaf3283a88652e11f426d5e3dd851bd9cbc18dab
Former-commit-id: 174b05a540d2c6d7b56ec228e223218948ba6bde
paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
… session

Former-commit-id: b4aea3d7962d4510f8174168ebc7f31ecd83baf5 [formerly 620a78a0e7913c2a77c4145376bd20c432deb734] [formerly 9fabf9e4d21fa0a6ea3468322168b000512f0419] [formerly d8c6c633205fb568de6dc72accc03df825f34e3f [formerly f15e16ec8ebee1f984825c3f379844c427af1b66] [formerly 9fabf9e4d21fa0a6ea3468322168b000512f0419 [formerly 96f4c62]]]
Former-commit-id: b3c161ba26682e6a6fc7d2ebae3e9b069ef57d9e [formerly 8a7c7770197d154f6ba920fc61767d791dc22c85] [formerly c16c8ea3a81d7e8242c1d6d0abe03ced9d0623c0 [formerly 6b53de2b93f1cf309c2a2564817d23e38feca7c7]]
Former-commit-id: c16c8ea3a81d7e8242c1d6d0abe03ced9d0623c0
Former-commit-id: 5a8afee1be9fda441cfa3fe9701f61d62bbdbf7b
paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
Former-commit-id: 28943aea7a31ac4a0504f78f5b5d519cfcde6e36 [formerly 2ef46aae79ee984088b497203744a35cee95c210] [formerly 32590965fbe17a3013af8276d4a80931fb8f3c3f [formerly 4adae7248e24e046bb939b878a113edbfe2125ad]] [formerly 4990fe6014d7b39edc3f88eb75f576ef2b0fefe4 [formerly 0526042e3603bebffc4b7245b803c66388c3cb5e] [formerly aa72817ede62a22c190785e9829ac76371e52cdc [formerly 50a06dc]]]
Former-commit-id: 3b231e7c506870fc6add50d438995ff286fb7609 [formerly 16197834f8128b1f62a9fc503b9e5ffb17250b73] [formerly 950261b9405dd03c94ab7be42a06b3dbe574f879 [formerly c295e4e8be73ad288a8bfa27c507fd29b1f4b1f2]]
Former-commit-id: dec3f4b692ed8a59963deb367c1b9a4c0f9b04ef [formerly ba91722695aecdd7003ae88c587f844aabfdc2eb]
Former-commit-id: bab65534f74339170288d8561aa9f0929ab1cbe1
paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
Former-commit-id: eece5666ce8baa1a5b799a92c90494ed224ee568 [formerly da317490f9db774c696d63ed021b6b2fc4712ba1] [formerly 1b6b6b5a84ac57d751263ed87bd67efea2885253 [formerly 23626503b6dd8208bf9a9e99e1bba51b65f405a5]] [formerly 148f2526750aa82db89c167e3ccf74285d7b1788 [formerly da11cf08d61ef0dddde2f46607384c68b8256620] [formerly 2c478e2ce8e53fb2c73a9fd50759cbd798454547 [formerly 51891b1]]]
Former-commit-id: 95febd98c3ab6c0f9a36a511e3c6098135a57592 [formerly d9fbfccc2567a53be6e9c8aa51878d505d37255a] [formerly 6b3a8790c57050850947e9242a20ef8deadc529f [formerly 65d8c5429a268117e15165313bf172d9b8dcd1d3]]
Former-commit-id: 9976a65d84b3d7c6a0600cb357c1ef484c57fc93 [formerly e52e2187174780dc6631b1089993a0fa02822451]
Former-commit-id: 4b47a05c788e12f2621b1322ee629c00e5cbb2b7
paulmueller pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 30, 2015
…ls might be possible as documented there:

Former-commit-id: 05a3378429a10a1a0d3f4f4020c94299e4e4c26f [formerly 47250eaaaf7256ee5d9471f073c5e23710a7b8ee] [formerly e81f65857828d021a311e91c38daeda05bd36487 [formerly c67aba962c578d574275dfb5b0bdd914105157c5]] [formerly f7e06df164ac123bd4be681c7f2fc30d3adb058a [formerly d24bedb785465c01965235fd0b41fa3a05c3a072] [formerly 6f8d3d890a39770bd3784097eef4fecc42318a7c [formerly d90e210]]]
Former-commit-id: 2e287d3daeab40795587285d0c888060c82f345b [formerly 7508413de4310aa817a30f3547da7aee7fdc06ac] [formerly 3d6c008bb30053ebb5abfc989a607a0a0e3563f2 [formerly 46ffa3f83d50af185a968d6c3fff1c738b2eea88]]
Former-commit-id: a0db91b67dac1b3418f671f209f9a15110164541 [formerly a0a470f81b2b04c6ea7ee2d58e2f13631dae2751]
Former-commit-id: 41612d883b201931f1ccb7a284d58ec889d9982f
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