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Create a pitch plot ready for Statsbomb data
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Statsbomb have released a free dataset to help the public get used to their data product but also provide data to kick start people's journey into football analytics.

To help people on their journey I have created a R package that creates customisable plots of pitches in ggplot2 that allows event data to be plotted on top.

I have also created some tutorials to help others explore the data.


Installation is straight forward via the devtools package and the install_github() function.


The Default Plot

The package offers lots of customisable features but the default plot.


Variables to Customise

Basic Features

create_Pitch(BasicFeatures = TRUE)

Middle Third Shading

create_Pitch(middlethird = TRUE))

Box Type

Line Design

create_Pitch(goaltype = "line")

Box Design

create_Pitch(goaltype = "box")

Barca Numbers Design

create_Pitch(goaltype = "barcanumbers")

Juego de Posicion

create_Pitch(JdeP = TRUE)

Colour Schemes

There are 4 colours that you can adjust

Blue Example

create_Pitch(grass_colour = "#224C56", 
line_colour =  "#B3CED9", 
background_colour = "#224C56", 
goal_colour = "#15393D")

Night Example

create_Pitch(grass_colour = "#202020", 
line_colour =  "#797876", 
background_colour = "#202020", 
goal_colour = "#131313")

Green Example

create_Pitch(grass_colour = "#538032", 
line_colour =  "#ffffff", 
background_colour = "#538032", 
goal_colour = "#000000")

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