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Extract SetId, Id, NDC from fields in SPL
TODO(mattmo): Logging to a file when fields are not present.
from lxml import etree
import StringIO
import re
NDC_OID = '2.16.840.1.113883.6.69'
UNII_OID = '2.16.840.1.113883.4.9'
UNII_OTHER_OID = '2.16.840.1.113883.'
def remove_namespace(xml_file):
"""SPL files have namespaces that don't play nice with python's libxml.
For now we just remove namespaces to work around this."""
# TODO(mattmo): Figure out a better solution to this.
# via-xpath-in-python-in-a-namespace-agnostic-way
lines =
lines = re.sub(r'<document [^>]+>', '<document>', lines)
lines = re.sub(r'\w+:type="[^"]+"', '', lines)
return StringIO.StringIO(lines)
def parse_xml(xml_file):
p = etree.XMLParser(huge_tree=True)
tree = etree.parse(remove_namespace(open(xml_file)), parser=p)
return tree
def first_match_or_empty_string(matches):
if len(matches) > 0:
return matches[0]
return ''
def extract_title(tree):
return ' '.join(tree.getroot().xpath('/document/title/descendant::text()'))
def extract_id(tree):
return first_match_or_empty_string(
def extract_set_id(tree):
return first_match_or_empty_string(
def extract_effective_time(tree):
raw_date = first_match_or_empty_string(
if not raw_date:
return ''
year, month, day = raw_date[:4], raw_date[4:6], raw_date[6:]
return year + "-" + month + "-" + day
def extract_version_number(tree):
return first_match_or_empty_string(
def extract_display_name(tree):
return first_match_or_empty_string(
def extract_duns(tree):
duns_xpath = '//id[@root="%s"]/@extension' % DUNS_OID
return first_match_or_empty_string(tree.getroot().xpath(duns_xpath))
def is_original_packager(tree):
"Returns true if this SPL's manufacturer is the original packager."
return len(extract_original_packager_product_ndcs(tree)) == 0
def extract_product_ndcs(tree):
"Extracts the partial (labelercode-productcode) NDCs."
ndc_xpath = '//manufacturedProduct/code[@codeSystem="%s"]/@code' % NDC_OID
return tree.getroot().xpath(ndc_xpath)
def extract_original_packager_product_ndcs(tree):
"""Extracts the partial (labelercode-productcode) NDCs for the original
packager. Only populated if this SPL is for a repackager."""
ndc_xpath = \
'//definingMaterialKind/code[@codeSystem="%s"]/@code' % NDC_OID
return tree.getroot().xpath(ndc_xpath)
def extract_package_ndcs(tree):
"""Extracts the full labelercode-productcode-packagecode NDCs"""
ndc_xpath = \
'//containerPackagedProduct/code[@codeSystem="%s"]/@code' % NDC_OID
return tree.getroot().xpath(ndc_xpath)
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