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FEDEVEL Yocto Project for OpenRex

How to compile & use software for OpenRex

Here you will find some basic info about how to start with YOCTO and OpenRex. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to compile the source code.

In case you would like to know more about YOCTO & How To Use It, for example how to create, modify, compile and use meta-openrex or how to create your own custom layer, have a look at OpenRex website:

1) Install the repo utility

mkdir ~/bin
curl > ~/bin/repo
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

2) Get the YOCTO project

mkdir fsl-community-bsp
cd fsl-community-bsp
repo init -u -b jethro

3) Add openrex support - create manifest

cd ~/fsl-community-bsp/
mkdir -pv .repo/local_manifests/

Copy and paste this into your Linux host machine

cat > .repo/local_manifests/imx6openrex.xml << EOF
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <remote fetch="git://" name="fedevel"/>

  <project remote="fedevel" revision="jethro" name="meta-openrex" path="sources/meta-openrex">
    <copyfile src="" dest=""/>

4) Sync repositories

repo sync

5) Add OpenRex meta layer into BSP


Building images

cd ~/fsl-community-bsp/

Currently Supported machines

Here is a list of 'machine names' which you can use to build OpenRex images. Use the 'machine name' based on the board you have:


Setup and Build Console image

MACHINE=<machine name> source setup-environment build-openrex
MACHINE=<machine name> bitbake core-image-base


MACHINE=imx6q-openrex source setup-environment build-openrex
MACHINE=imx6q-openrex bitbake core-image-base

Setup and Build Toolchain

MACHINE=<machine name> bitbake core-image-base -c populate_sdk

Setup and Build FSL GUI image

MACHINE=<machine name> source -b build-x11 -e x11
MACHINE=<machine name> bitbake fsl-image-gui

Creating SD card

Output directories and file names depend on what you build. Following example is based on running 'bitbake core-image-base':

umount /dev/sdb?
gunzip -c ~/fsl-community-bsp/build-openrex/tmp/deploy/images/imx6q-openrex/core-image-base-imx6q-openrex.sdcard.gz > ~/fsl-community-bsp/build-openrex/tmp/deploy/images/imx6q-openrex/core-image-base-imx6q-openrex.sdcard
sudo dd if=~/fsl-community-bsp/build-openrex/tmp/deploy/images/imx6q-openrex/core-image-base-imx6q-openrex.sdcard of=/dev/sdb
umount /dev/sdb?

Testing it on OpenRex (initial uBoot runs from SPI)

To test your uBoot on SD card, plug in the card which you have just created into an OpenRex board. Reset the OpenRex board (press "Reset" button), interrupt the uBoot countdown (press "Spacebar" or the "Enter" key) and run following command:

mw.l 0x020d8040 0x2840; mw.l 0x020d8044 0x10000000; reset

Updating OpenRex