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FESOM2 tools


Currently the easiest way is to use conda. The short guide how to install it can be found for Linux/Mac and Windows. For now we are not testing for Windows, and there is no garantee that pyfesom2 will work on this OS.

The easiest way is to install latest stable version from conda-forge:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install pyfesom2

Development Installation

If you plan to change the code inside the package, you have to install it in "development" mode. For this you would also need a working conda. The short guide how to install it can be found for Linux/Mac and Windows. After you install conda (python 3.7 environment is recomendes), clone the source code:

git clone

Create pyfesom2 environment by:

conda env create -f ./pyfesom2/ci/requirements-py37.yml

Activate the environment

conda activate pyfesom2

Install pyfesom2

cd pyfesom2
pip install -e .

Usage of tools

Below are couple of examples of CLI tools usage. For now two tools are available: pfplot (plot variable on the map) and pfinterp (interpolate scalar values to regular grid). You can get complete list of options by executing:

pfplot -h

To plot temperature field one can do:

pfplot ./CORE_MESH/ ./CORE_out/ temp

where ./CORE_MESH is path to the mesh, ./CORE_out/ is path to the folder with results and temp is the name of the variable. By defauld pfplot will try to plot the mean values from the year 1948 at the surface (0 depth) on a global 360/180 map. Make sure you have write permissions to the folder with the mesh, since pfplot will save interpolation information, so next time it is not calculated but just loaded from the file.

To plot the different year:

pfplot ./CORE_MESH/ ./CORE_out/ temp -y 2000

Plot different depth:

pfplot ./CORE_MESH/ ./CORE_out/ temp -y 2000 -d 100

Plot mean over several years:

pfplot ./CORE_MESH/ ./CORE_out/ temp -y 1948,1949,1950

Plot mean over several years by specifying the range:

pfplot ./CORE_MESH/ ./CORE_out/ temp -y 1948:1955

Plot with North Polar Stereo projection (you have to specify different bounding box with -b)

pfplot ./CORE_MESH/ ./CORE_out/ temp -y 2000 -b -180 180 60 90 -m np


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This package was created with Cookiecutter_ and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage_ project template.

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