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@skmp skmp released this 10 May 13:33
· 7003 commits to main since this release

Compatibility & Bug Fixes

  • New, simpler ELF Loader
  • ioctl32 marshaling for several devices
  • Handle more cases of an application pinging self
  • binfmt_misc fixes to support AppImage
  • Several system call fixes (eventfd, eventfd2, openat, creat, trucnate, clock_nanosleep, pselect6, sendmsg, recvmsg)
  • Signal fixes
  • Better handling of /proc/self/, /proc/pid-self/
  • Implements support for CLFLUSH


  • Faster AOTIR file loading
  • AOTIR offline generation
  • Switch to xxhash from fasthash
  • IR structure optimizations
  • Adds Long Divide removal pass
  • Zero-cost asserts


  • Fixes host thread stacks ending up in lower 32-bit VA
  • Remove reliance on librt and libnuma
  • Default hidden visibility and strip symbols
  • FEX now uses jemalloc