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FEniCS website

This repository contains the FEniCS website.

Editing this website

To edit this website:

  1. Make a new branch (if you have access to push to this repo) or a new fork.

  2. Make your changes in your branch/fork.

  3. Open a pull request.

If you think something on the website should be change, but you're not sure how to do it, please open an issue describing the change you would like to suggest.

Code of conduct

When interacting with others (eg when discussing issues or pull requests), you are expected to follow the FEniCS project code of conduct.

Structure of this repo

Website pages

The website is generated from of the content of .md files in the main folder and subfolders (excluding Markdown and HTML can be included in these files. LaTeX-style maths can be included between \\( and \\) for inline maths; or $$ and $$ for a block of maths.

At the start of each .md file, page setting can be given between two lines containing only ---. For example, starts with:

title: FEniCSx
subtitle: fenicsxversion
image: assets/img/headers/design.jpg
layout: with_twitter_sidebar
permalink: /fenics/

The title is displayed at the top of the page, with the subtitle (optional) below it. The image will be used as the background of the header; if no image is given, a default image will be used. The layout is used to select which layout the page uses: this can be default (for a default style page) or with_twitter_sidebar (for a page with a twitter sidebar). If layout is not set, then default will be used. permalink sets the url of the page: in this example, the page would be available at


Files in the assets folder will be included as part of the website. Images and other files can be included in this folder.

Navigation bar

The links included in the navigation bar are defined in _data/navbar.yml. Each link is given a title, which will be displayed in the navigation bar; and a page which will be linked to. page should either be an external url (starting http:// or https://) or a permalink of a page (starting /).

Latest versions

The latest released version of FEniCS and FEniCSx (and their release dates) can be set in _config.yml. If you want to display the latest version on the website, you can write {{ site.fenicsversion }} or {{ site.fenicsxversion }} so that the values are automatically updated. (If you don't want a version number to update, do not use these and write the version number.)

Building the website

The prerequisites for building the website can be installed by running:

sudo apt-get install -y ruby-bundler
bundle install

The website can then be built by running:

bundle exec jekyll build

The website can be served locally (so it can then be opened in a browser) by running:

bundle exec jekyll serve

when using Ruby 2.7, or

bash -c 'cd _site && python3 -m http.server 3000'

when using Ruby 3.0+.