This is the official repository for the FFTW Fourier transform library, version 3.x
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Old code was overflowing for N>2^32
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TODO Fix SIMD autodetection Jul 30, 2016 Use ocamlbuild for building genfft May 8, 2011 note that these scripts are not meant for normal users Mar 17, 2013 Get ready for fftw-3.3.6-pl2 Jan 27, 2017 make -lm a private library in Dec 4, 2012 update AUTHORS Jul 30, 2016


This is the git repository for the FFTW library for computing Fourier transforms (version 3.x), maintained by the FFTW authors.

Unlike most other programs, most of the FFTW source code (in C) is generated automatically. This repository contains the generator and it does not contain the generated code. You cannot compile code from this repository unless you have special tools and know what you are doing.

Most users should ignore this repository, and should instead download official tarballs from, which contain the generated code, do not require any special tools or knowledge, and can be compiled on any system with a C compiler.

Advanced users and FFTW maintainers can obtain code from github and run the generation process themselves. This is a long process that requires special tools. See README for details. (Summary: in addition to the usual Unix developer software, you need GNU autotools and OCaml. Then you can run sh to compile FFTW and generate .tar.gz files similar to the official releases.)