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Steelseries Rival 310 protocol specification
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Steelseries Rival 310 protocol specification




Byte Description
0 Command
1-End Data


Size Commands
64 All commands with the expection of the specified below
262 Configure LEDs (5B), Configure Buttons


Value Command Link
0x00 + 0x01 Reset (same as unplugging and plugging the mouse) 01
0x03 + 0x05 Used for firmware updates (don't use)
0x07 Old led effect command (works only partialy, don't use)
0x08 Old led color command (works only partialy, don't use)
0x09 Old save command DON'T USE!! This will break the LEDs
0x31 Set button action
0x33 Uknown, has something to do with the buttons (at least the wheel) 33
0x40 Resets the LEDs. Seems to fix LEDs after 0x09
0x53 Changes DPI 53
0x54 Changes polling rate 54
0x59 Save 59
0x5A Unknown, has something to do with the DPI 5A
0x5B Configure cycle (LEDs) 5B
0x60 Resets cycle
0x87 Read current color from LED 1
0x89 Uknown (Reads value*) 89
0x90 Reads the firmware version 90
0x91 Uknown (Reads value*)
0x92 Reads mouse values (DPI and LEDs) 92
0x9A Uknown (Reads value*)
0xD4 Uknown (Reads value*)
0xD6 Uknown (Reads value*)
0xFC Uknown (Reads value*)
0xFD Uknown (Reads value*)
0xFE Uknown (Reads value*) FE
0xFF Enable button report

* - When the command is sent, the device returns a packet with data. May not always work.

Sniff using Wireshark

Start wireshark in the correct bus and use the following filter usb.endpoint_address == 0.

Force firmware update (reset)

  • Unplug the mouse
  • Press all the buttons for 10s
  • Plug the device still pressing the buttons

Now the LEDs should start blinking and you will be forced to update the firmware. Please note this is not a factory reset, it will only forces the firmware to be updated.

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