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jQuert getPath - Find a (possible) jQuery selector of an HTML element.
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jQuery getPath libscore

In some specific situations you may want to identify an HTML element in an unique way - with a jQuery Selector or XPath - in order to select it in another browser - different DOM - (for example: visitor mouse & keyboard real-time monitoring).


    //Get the element's jQuery selector
    //It'll return something like this: #example-5>h4:eq(0)
    var sel = $.getPath(; //is the same as $(;

    //Send to the server what element was clicked
    //(and maybe replicate this event on the administrator screen)

    return false;

$.getPath(el); may return jQueryPath_document or jQueryPath_window. They just are equivalents for window.document and window object because jQuery doesn't have any selector for them.


var $el, path = $.getPath(window);

if(path === 'jQueryPath_document')
    $el = $(document);
else if(path === 'jQueryPath_window')
    $el = $(window);
    $el = $(path);

//So here, $el == window


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