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Redis tool Get help on Codementor

Redis-tool is a collection of little node scripts that are helpful if you don't use a GUI like Redsmin.


$ npm install redis-tool -g


### Redis-ztrim
Usage: node ./bin/redis-ztrim [options] pattern start stop

Trim a group of zlists matching `pattern` so that they'll contain only the specified
range of elements specified. Both start and stop are zero-based indexes,
where 0 is the first element of the list with the highest score (the head), 1 the next
element and so on.

For example: redis-ztrim foobar* 0 2 will modify the zsets matching the pattern foobar*
so that only the first three elements of each zsets will remain.

  -p, --preview  preview what is going to be deleted  [boolean]  [default: false]
  -v, --verbose  verbose mode                         [boolean]  [default: false]
  -h, --help     this message.                        [boolean]

Trim all zsets matching the pattern bringr:*:*:ua:*" so that only their members ranked from 0 to 99 will remain.

$ redis-ztrim
✔  bringr:1:121:ua:m   trimmed
✔  bringr:1:121:ua:y   trimmed
✔  bringr:1:123:ua:y   trimmed
✔  bringr:1:123:ua:m   trimmed
✔  bringr:1:121:ua:d   trimmed
✔  bringr:1:123:ua:d   trimmed
✔  bringr:6:93:ua:y    trimmed
✔  bringr:6:93:ua:m    trimmed
✔  bringr:1:123:ua:h   trimmed
✔  bringr:6:93:ua:d    trimmed
[... truncated ... ]
### Redis-zlist-size
Retrieve a list of zset keys via `pattern` and order them by size

Usage: redis-zlist-size [options] pattern

  --json         print results in JSON format  [default: false]
  --graph        generate a Google Graph link  [boolean]  [default: false]
  -v, --verbose  verbose mode                  [boolean]  [default: false]
  -h, --help     this message.                 [boolean]
$ redis-zlist-size "bringr:*:*:ua:*"
bringr:1:121:ua:m     Members   15821544    Size    81660
bringr:1:121:ua:y     Members   15821544    Size    81660
bringr:1:123:ua:y     Members   13782356    Size    66280
bringr:1:123:ua:m     Members   13782356    Size    66280
bringr:1:121:ua:d     Members   13553541    Size    69459
bringr:1:123:ua:d     Members   12080298    Size    58102
bringr:6:93:ua:y      Members   10138538    Size    52129
bringr:6:93:ua:m      Members   10138538    Size    52129
bringr:1:123:ua:h     Members   9192799     Size    44231
bringr:6:93:ua:d      Members   6720535     Size    34702
[... truncated ... ]

Generated pie chart by members count

![Example of generated pie chart by members count](
### Redis-rename
Usage: redis-rename [options] oldPattern newPattern

  -v, --verbose           Verbose mode
  -h, --help              This message.
$ redis-rename -v ns:*:*:k ns:*:*:v
✔  ns:6:43:k → ns:6:43:v
✔  ns:1:121:k → ns:1:121:v
✔  ns:1:119:k → ns:1:119:v
✔  ns:1:121:k → ns:1:121:v
✔  ns:6:108:k → ns:6:108:v
✔  ns:1:121:k → ns:1:121:v
✔  ns:1:120:k → ns:1:120:v
✔  ns:6:90:k → ns:6:90:v
✔  ns:6:93:k → ns:6:93:v
### Redis-dellall
Usage: redis-delall [options] pattern

  -p, --preview           Preview what is going to be deleted
  -v, --verbose           Verbose mode
  -h, --help              This message.
$ redis-delall -v ns:*:*:k
✔  ns:6:43:k deleted
✔  ns:1:121:k deleted
✔  ns:1:119:k deleted
✔  ns:1:121:k deleted
✔  ns:6:108:k deleted
✔  ns:1:121:k deleted
✔  ns:1:120:k deleted
✔  ns:6:90:k deleted
✔  ns:6:93:k deleted

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