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FHIR Implementation Guide Auto-Builder

About Auto-Builder

Use this tool if: If you're working on an FHIR Implementation Guide in GitHub and want your work-in-progress to be visible as part of the FHIR Continuous Integration (CI) build service at

By following the instructions below, you can configure your GitHub repository to auto-build every time you make a commit (on any branch), and the resulting output (successful IG content, or debugging logs) will automatically be pushed to

Quick start guide

  1. Create an IG in a new folder, including a file called ig.json containing the IG definition, alongside any other content (for example a pages folder) that your IG requires.
  2. Put your IG on GitHub: create a GitHub repository within your own organization, and push your content to GitHub.
  3. Add a Webhook in GitHub: click "Settings", then "Webhooks & Services", then "Add Webhook".
  4. Configure the Webhook: enter a URL of Choose "Content type" of application/json and accept the default (blank) "secret". Choose "Just the push event" as your trigger, and then click "Add webhook".

Now GitHub will automatically trigger a build whenever you commit changes.

Note: a build takes 2-3 minutes to complete. You should see a notification at .

After the build is complete, you can...

Find your rendered IG automatically available at

(The master branch will also be available directly at .)

Find debugging info about the build

For a build log, see:

(Logs for the master branch will also be available directly at .)

If you want to manually trigger a build

You can always push a new commit to your repo. But if you want to re-trigger a build for an existing commit, you have a couple of options. You can navigate through the GitHub UI within your repo to "Settings > Webhooks > ig-commit-trigger", scroll down to "Recent Deliveries," click the top one, and click "Redeliver.

Or if you want to trigger a build programatically, you can POST to the Webhook URL yourself, for example:

curl -X POST  "" \
  -H "Content-type: application/json" \
  --data '{"ref": "refs/heads/master", "repository": {"full_name": "test-igs/simple"}}'
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