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Fix: Removed warning

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commit 41380d1958d7ee3cfc29c9cae40f98beb37184f6 1 parent 6b7abfe
@eldy eldy authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  htdocs/compta/facture/class/facture.class.php
2  htdocs/compta/facture/class/facture.class.php
@@ -3411,7 +3411,7 @@ function fetch($rowid)
$sql = 'SELECT fd.rowid, fd.fk_facture, fd.fk_parent_line, fd.fk_product, fd.product_type, fd.description, fd.price, fd.qty, fd.tva_tx,';
$sql.= ' fd.localtax1_tx, fd. localtax2_tx, fd.remise, fd.remise_percent, fd.fk_remise_except, fd.subprice,';
$sql.= ' fd.date_start as date_start, fd.date_end as date_end,';
- $sql.= ' fd.info_bits, fd.total_ht, fd.total_tva, fd.total_ttc, fd.rang,';
+ $sql.= ' fd.info_bits, fd.total_ht, fd.total_tva, fd.total_ttc, fd.total_localtax1, fd.total_localtax2, fd.rang,';
$sql.= ' fd.fk_code_ventilation, fd.fk_export_compta,';
$sql.= ' p.ref as product_ref, p.label as product_libelle, p.description as product_desc';
$sql.= ' FROM '.MAIN_DB_PREFIX.'facturedet as fd';

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