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Clash of Clans library, proxy and server written in .NET [Unmaintained]


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CoC# Build Status

Clash of Clans library written in C# to handle networking, csv files and other stuffs. It was written based off of [Clash of Clans Documentation Project]( and decompiled source code of [Ultrapowa Clash Server]( which is now open source however no decompiled code was used in this project.


This project is unmaintained

Due to the encryption update in 8.x.x, a patched version of with the standard public key is needed for CoCSharp.Proxy and CoCSharp.Server to work properly. Here are the steps needed to patch or you can use coc-patcher a small but great utility made in python by clugh to patch and sign the APK itself.

libsodium-net also requires the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, if its not installed Sodium.SodiumCore will throw a DllNotFoundException.

What can it do?

  • CoCSharp.Data:
    • Includes classes that defines common Clash of Clans data.
  • CoCSharp.Csv: Clash of Clans format CSV reader.
    • Includes classes for reading CSV files.
  • CoCSharp.Logic: Village object structures and logic.
    • Includes classes for village objects: Village, Trap, Obstacle, Building etc...
  • CoCSharp.Network: Clash of Clans network protocol implementation.
    • Includes classes for reading, writing messages & packet definitions.
  • CoCSharp.Networking.Cryptography: Clash of Clans encryption implementation.
    • Include class for encryption version 7.x.x & 8.x.x version.


To be able to run the Post Build properly you must have mono in your PATH variable.

The simplest way to compile CoCSharp is to open the solution in Visual Studio and pressing F6 to build the entire solution, it will restore the nuget packages as well. Or you could use the latest version of mono and nuget to compile CoCSharp.

Run the following commands to build CoCSharp with mono.

Clone the project using git.

git clone --branch=rewrite git://

Then you will have to restore the nuget packages, to get the dependencies.

nuget restore

In the root directory run or where CoCSharp.sln is located.


Then you should have the compiled binaries in /bin, and you should be able to run the binaries using the latest version of mono.

mono CoCSharp.Proxy/bin/Debug/CoCSharp.Proxy.exe

If you would like to check the version of mono you're using

mono --version


Just create a fork and make changes to it, like adding features from Clash of Clans, fixing bugs and also reporting them because we want a solid software right? Follow the code style else I won't merge your pull request, its not that hard to follow ;]. Make your pull requests focused and readable. You can also contribute by creating issues and reporting bugs, giving ideas for enhancement and by finding issues in the documentation.

You can also contribute by just giving a star or forking us, also by spreading the word about the project. ^^

Am not any merging pull requests like a clan search API which completely drifts away from the goal of this project. If you want to make a clan search API, use CoCSharp as a library and go ahead. :]

Contact me via my e-mail, if you have any question.


Massive thank you to those guys who helped with the project and specially the MVPs. :]

Projects Using CoC#

* [CoCSharp.Server]( *(Work in progress)* * Server that can do some stuff. It also supports the latest 8.x.x encryption. Yey! * [CoCSharp.Client]( *(7.x.x available on `master` branch)* * Simple client that can read chat message and send keep alive requests. * [CoCSharp.Proxy]( *(Work in progress)* * Proxy that logs raw decrypted packets and village JSON layout.


CoCSharp is licensed under the permissive MIT License.

CoCSharp is not officially affiliated with Supercell.


Clash of Clans library, proxy and server written in .NET [Unmaintained]








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