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Welcome to the FTC Control System Online Documentation!

This wiki provides information about using the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) control system. It is a "living document" and is intended to be a central repository for information on how to configure, program, operate, and troubleshoot the FTC control system.

New to the FIRST Tech Challenge?

Are you new to the FIRST Tech Challenge? Would you like to learn the basics of operating the Control System that is used by FTC teams to build a competition robot? If so, then the following links will help you get started:

Navigating the Wiki

You can navigate the sections of this Wiki by using the sidebar located on the right hand side of this web page (see example screenshot below). Click on a section heading to navigate to the topic.

Additional Information

For additional information about using the FIRST Tech Challenge control system, check out the official FIRST Tech Challenge videos on YouTube:

Also, if you have questions regarding the control system, please visit the FIRST Tech Challenge online technology forum:

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