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FIRST Tech Challenge Live Scorekeeper Software
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This GitHub repository can be used to download the FIRST Tech Challenge Live scorekeeper software. Also, if you have a GitHub user account, you can use the "Issues" database to report and track issues with the software.

Downloading the software

The software is available for download under the Releases page of this repository. Click on the "releases" link towards the upper right hand corner of the main page to navigate to the Releases page.

Click on the "releases" link to go to the Releases page.

Browse the Releases page for the version that you are looking for, and click on the appropriate link to download the archived software. The software is stored on the server as an archived .zip or .tar file. Note that most users (Windows and Mac users especially) will want to download the .zip format archive file. Once you have downloaded the archive file, uncompress the file using the appropriate tool on your computer.

Click on the file that you'd like to download.

Note that you want to download the "FIRST-Tech-Challenge-Live" archive file, and not the "Source code" file. The "Source code" file does not contain any usable content.


The user documentation can be found here:

  FTC Scorekeeper Manual

Reporting Issues

Click on the "Issues" link towards the upper left hand corner of the main page of this repository to navigate to the Issue Tracking Database page. If you are logged in to your GitHub user account (which is available for free from GitHub) you can create and reply to issues in the database.

Click on the "Issues" link to go to the Issues page.

The developers of the software requested that if you encounter a bug, you copy and archive (compress into .zip form) the "db" subdirectory and then create an issue on the Issues database and attach the .zip file to the newly created issue and save the attachment with the issue. The "db" folder is located in the "lib" subfolder.

While you are editing your issue, if you click the link called "selecting them" towards the bottom of the issue window, a dialog box will appear. You can use this dialog box to select a local file from your computer to attach to the issue that you are editing.

Click on the "selecting them" link to attach a local file to your issue.

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