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Full documentation at: http://fiware-orion.readthedocs.io/en/1.9.0/

NGSIv2 API reference (release candidate 2017.11): http://telefonicaid.github.io/fiware-orion/api/v2/stable

Changelog (since 1.8.0):

  • Add: release_date and doc fields are added to the GET /version output to align with FIWARE scheme (#2970)
  • Fix: missing lastSuccess/lastFailure associated to initial notification on subscription creation some times when csub cache is in use (#2974)
  • Fix: several invalid memory accesses (based on a workaround, not a definitive solution, see issue #2994)
  • Fix: broken JSON due to unscaped quotes (") in NGSIv2 error description field (#2955)
  • Hardening: NGSIv1 responses don't use pretty-print JSON format any longer, as NGSIv2 responses work (potentially saving around 50% size) (#2760)