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Plugin to check CKAN resources
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Business API Ecosystem CKAN Plugin

Plugin to include CKAN datasets as a native resource in the BAE. This plugin validates the provided dataset and checks whether the user that creates the product is its owner in CKAN. If the provided link does not point to a valid CKAN dataset or the owner of the dataset is not the same as the one that is creating the product, the product creation process will fail and an suitable message will be returned.


In order to use this BAE plugin, the CKAN instance whose datasets are offered must have installed the private datasets CKAN extension which is used in order to grant access rights to customers.


To install the plugin, the first thing that you must do is to compress it in a ZIP file. To do so, you can run the following command:

zip package.json

Then, go the src directory included in the folder used to install the Charging Backend component of the BAE, and run the following command:

./ loadplugin <PATH_TO_THE_ZIP_FILE>

Note: Replace <PATH_TO_THE_ZIP_FILE> by the path where the file generated in the previous step is located.

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