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BAE plugin for selling services secured with an API Umbrella proxy
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Umbrella Service BAE plugin

This repository includes an asset type extension for the FIWARE Business API Ecosystem GE.

This BAE plugin supports the monetization of API services secured with an instance of Apinf Umbrella.

This BAE plugin has been tested in BAE versions 7.4.0 and 7.6.0

This plugin supports the following meta data to be included as part of BAE products:

  • Required Headers: Required headers field as included in the API Umbrella sub-path configuration.
  • Authorization Method: Whether user access to backend service is controlled using FIWARE IDM roles or API Umbrella native roles
  • Acquisition Role: Role to be granted to customers
  • Access to sub-paths allowed: If true, customers will be able to access to any sub-path of the monetized service
  • Additional query strings allowed: If true, customers will be able to call the service with different query strings as the included in the asset URL
  • Admin API Key: API key to be used by the BAE to access to the API Umbrella admin API
  • Admin Auth Token: Admin token to be used by the BAE to access to the Umbrella admin API

This plugin supports accounting based on Api call units.

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