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WireCloud plugin for WStore
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Wirecloud Plugin

This plugin is inteded to allow the automatic loading and validation of information contained in the wgt file of a Wirecloud component.

This plugin requires WStore 0.5+.

Extra Requirements

The installation of the current plugin in WStore requires the following extra python packges not required by WStore:

  • regex
    pip install regex


The Wirecloud plugin can be managed in WStore with the following commands:

  • Installation
    python loadplugin

When the plugin is installed WStore will generate an id for the plugin that will be used for management purposes.

  • List available plugins
python listplugins

This command will return the list of available plugins including the id that have been generated for them

  • Uninstallation
    python removeplugin wirecloud-component

This command receives the id of the plugin generated by WStore, typicaly this value will be wirecloud-component

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