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.extern __InitBATS
.extern __InitPS
.extern __InitFPRS
.extern __InitCache
.extern __InitSystem
.globl _jmp813
bl __InitBATS # Initialize BATs to a clear and known state
bl __initRegisters # Initialize the General Purpose Registers
bl __InitPS # Initialize Paired Singles
bl __InitFPRS # Initialize the FPR's
bl __InitCache # Initialize the system caches
bl __InitSystem # Initialize more cache aspects, clear a few SPR's, and disable interrupts.
lis r3, 0x8130
mtlr r3
li r0,0
li r3,0
li r4,0
li r5,0
li r6,0
li r7,0
li r8,0
li r9,0
li r10,0
li r11,0
li r12,0
li r14,0
li r15,0
li r16,0
li r17,0
li r18,0
li r19,0
li r20,0
li r21,0
li r22,0
li r23,0
li r24,0
li r25,0
li r26,0
li r27,0
li r28,0
li r29,0
li r30,0
li r31,0
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