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Hi there, this is my little GB and GBC Emulator project, its essentially the GB version of my NES Emulator, fixNES.
If you want to check it out for some reason I do include a windows binary in the "Releases" tab, if you want to compile it go check out the "build" files.
You will need freeglut as well as openal-soft to compile the project, it should run on most systems since it is fairly generic C code.

Right now GB and GBC titles using MBC1, 2, 3, 5 and HuC1 should work just fine and also save into standard .sav files.
You can also listen to .gbs files, changing tracks works by pressing left/right.
To load a file, just drag and drop the .gb/.gbc/.gbs file into the application or call it via command line like "fixGB".
You can also use a .zip file, the first found supported file from that .zip will be used.

The GBC BIOS is supported, have it in the same folder as your .gb/.gbc file called "gbc_bios.bin", when you load a game you will get the GBC logo and sound.
Using the GBC BIOS allows for colors in old GB games and gives you the palette selection the original GBC had during the GBC logo as well.

If you want to play older hacks such as colorization hacks and they dont look right, try adding "InvVRAM" into the filename, for example changing
"" to "SML2 (InvVRAM).gb". This will allow certain writes that are normally not supported by GB hardware to be accepted, older hacks did not
know about this limitation, thus requiring an exception in more accurate emulators like this one.

Controls right now are keyboard only and do the following:
Y/Z is A
X is B
A is Start
S is select
Arrow Keys is DPad
Keys 1-9 integer-scale the window to number
P is Pause
If you really want controller support and you are on windows, go grab joy2key, it works just fine with fixGB (and fixNES).

That is all I can say about it right now, who knows if I will write some more on it.