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Since I have the ability to dump gameboy carts now using my audio dumper:
I decided to dump this one multicart I have laying around, just called "Super 101 in 1", always wanted to figure out how such a cart works for fun.
The cart seems to have a 2mb rom with the following layout:
0x000000-0x008000 - Q-Billion (J) with hacked in Game Selection Menu
0x008000-0x010000 - Space Invaders (J)
0x010000-0x018000 - Motocross Maniacs (J)
0x018000-0x020000 - Alleyway (W)
0x020000-0x028000 - Penguin Land (J)
0x028000-0x030000 - Dr. Mario (W)
0x030000-0x038000 - Tetris (W) (Rev A)
0x038000-0x040000 - Soukoban 2 (J)
0x040000-0x050000 - Super Mario Land (W) (Rev A)
0x050000-0x060000 - Side Pocket (W)
0x060000-0x080000 - TMNT III - Radical Rescue (U)
0x080000-0x0A0000 - The Smurfs (E)
0x0A0000-0x0C0000 - Hugo (E)
0x0C0000-0x100000 - Pinocchio (E)
0x100000-0x180000 - Hunchback (UE)
0x180000-0x200000 - KOF 95 (U)
The first game on the cart, q billion, was used to put in the game selection menu, there is quite a bit of free space
at the end of that game so it was probably chosen for that reason, also a few jumps were added to go to the menu instead of the game at first.
Every other game is unmodified, checked all hashes. Besides the added game selection menu there is no other modified data in q billion either.
there are inner and outer bank regs, on boot, initial values are:
outer_bank=0, outer_and=0x20, inner_bank=1, inner_and=0x3F
The cart addresses work like this:
on read:
0000-3FFF - Total 16kb ROM Bank 0, used 16kb bank calculated like:
4000-7FFF - Total 16kb ROM Bank 1-63, used 16kb bank calculated like:
A000-BFFF - seemingly nothing because of no RAM on cart
on write:
0000-1FFF - seemingly nothing because of no RAM on cart
2000-3FFF - select inner 16kb ROM bank, set like:
if(val==0) val=1; inner_bank=(val&0x3F);
4000-5FFF - seemingly nothing, upper ROM bits are selected with reg above, again no RAM
6000-7FFF - select outer bank, write twice register
write 1 - select outer 32kb ROM bank, set like:
outer_bank=(val&0x3F); - immediately applies on first write
write 2 - val&0x1F selects inner and outer masks, calculated like:
inner_and=(~(val<<1))&0x3F; outer_and=0x20|(val&0x1F);
setting val&0x20 when writing to this will lock all further writes to this register until reset, done when selecting a game;
the game selection menu for some reason also always sets val&0x40, however in my testing this does seemingly nothing
individual menu writes to 6000:
on cart bootup - 00 5F
q billion - 00 7F
space invaders - 01 7F
motocross maniacs - 02 7F
alleyway - 03 7F
penguin land - 04 7F
dr mario - 05 7F
tetris - 06 7F
soukoban 2 - 07 7F
super mario land - 08 7E
side pocket - 0A 7E
tmnt 3 - 0C 7C
smurfs - 10 7C
hugo - 14 7C
pinocchio - 18 78
hunchback - 20 70
kof 95 - 30 70
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