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a f-zero gx save exploit for gamecube
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An exploit for the original f-zero gx on gamecube, you only need a method of injecting the .gci onto your memory card.
This exploit will load a boot.dol converted with dol2gci (included in Home Bros.) from your memory card.
To trigger the exploit, simply go into the "REPLAY" menu. Note that you should not have any saved replays already or it wont work.
When something is inserted into slot b, it will first display that slot, in that case just replug your memory card in slot a when the slot b replay screen is shown.

This exploit was made possible thanks to:
The fzerogx-docs and everyone that contributed to it to learn about the basics of the f-zero save:
These tools to first play around easily with the save before writing my own tool for it:
Also, it was very helpful to see the ACE demonstration at SGDQ2018 for a good idea on where to look for this exploit, so thanks to everyone who was involved in that as well.

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