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libwupc - A WiiU Pro Controller Library for Wii Homebrew Applications by FIX94
WiiU Pro Controller Documentation from TeHaxor69
1. Copy the "lib" and "include" folder into your "portlibs" folder
2. Make these modifications to your Makefile:
-add "-lwupc" right behind "-lwiiuse" to your LIBS
-add ",-wrap,wiiuse_register" to your LDFLAGS
3. Modify your code like this:
-make sure to include <wupc/wupc.h> in all files you use WUPC calls
-call "WUPC_Init" before "WPAD_Init"
-call "WUPC_Shutdown" before "WPAD_Shutdown"
-either use the separate calls or use WUPC_Data at the same place you would normally use the WPAD calls for your data handling
-if you use ButtonsUp, ButtonsUp and/or ButtonsHeld, make sure to call "WUPC_UpdateButtonStats" before "WPAD_ScanPads",
if you dont use any of these you can ignore "WUPC_UpdateButtonStats"
-The X and Y-Axis are going from about -1024 to +1024, make sure you adjust your calculations to that
-The Buttons are using the same layout as the classic controller buttons, use the "WPAD_CLASSIC_BUTTON_" definitions in <wiiuse/wpad.h>
-The Battery Status goes from 0 (critical) to 4 (full)
Have Fun!
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