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  • DAHAKA is an ENB preset with multiple weather settings for COT (Climates Of Tamriel). It also contains an .esp file which modifies the standard COT weathers.

  • The installation supports MO (Mod Organizer) and NMM (Nexus Mod Manager). With the installer you can easily choose the quality level, color level, night brightness, the focus length in DOF and a bunch of ENBlens styles.

  • This ENB is designed for Climates Of Tamriel 5.0 and Enhanced Lights and FX.


INI Settings in Skyrimprefs.ini

  • [Display]
  • iMaxAnisotropy=0
  • fGamma =1.0000
  • iWaterMultiSamples=0
  • iMultiSample=0
  • bTreesReceiveShadows=1
  • bDrawLandShadows=1
  • bFloatPointRenderTarget=1
  • bFXAAEnabled=0
  • bShadowsOnGrass=1
  • bTransparencyMultisampling=0
  • bDeferredShadows=1
  • bDrawShadows=1


  • Skyrim.esm
  • Update.esm
  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Dragonborn.esm
  • ClimatesOfTamriel.esm
  • ClimatesOfTamriel-Dawnguard-Patch.esp
  • ClimatesOfTamriel-Dragonborn-Patch.esp
  • DAHAKA's COT Plugin.esp
  • EnhancedLightsandFX.esp

Incompatible ESPs

  • Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Weathers.esp
  • CoT-WeatherPatch.esp
  • Supreme Storms - Cot Version.esp
  • Pureweather.esp
  • Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp
  • Shadows - Weather Tweaks.esp
  • Realistic Lighting - Full.esp
  • RealShelter.esp
  • RelightingSkyrim.esp
  • TrueStorms.esp
  • TrueStorms-ClimatesOfTamriel.esp
  • Vivid Weathers.esp
  • Vivid Snow Physical.esp
  • Vivid Snow.esp
  • Vivid Weathers - Extended Rain.esp
  • Vivid Weathers - Extended Snow.esp
  • Vividian - Extended Groundfogs.esp
  • Vividian - Weather Patch CoT.esp
  • Vividian - Extended Groundfogs - CoT.esp

Recommended MODS


  • "File XXX is not active" shows up when you install the fomod file with your manager?

This means you didn't install COT or ELFX in advance,and the fomod installer will abort. See the requirements above. Do not install any MOD which tweaks the weather IDs or lighting parameters (RLO、Pure weather、COT weather patch、RCRN、Relighting Skyrim、Shadows、NLA).

  • No ENB effect in game after you finish the fomod installation?

If you choose Autoinstaller, run "DAHAKA's ENB Installer.vbs" in DATA\DAHAKA's ENB to install ENB files automatically. If you choose Manual, copy files in DATA\DAHAKA's ENB to your Skyrim main folder. Remember to download the newest ENBSERIES BINARY FILES from Official ENB Website

  • Hot Key?

Open ENB GUI ———— shift + backspace You can change the hot key in enblocal.ini.

Credits And Thanks


A Skyrim ENB preset with multiple weather settings.




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