This is an iOS framework for parsing/generating GPX files.
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iOS GPX Framework

This is a iOS framework for parsing/generating GPX files. This Framework parses the GPX from a URL or Strings and create Objective-C Instances of GPX structure.

How to build?

  1. Install the iOS Universal Framework.

  2. Open up the GPX project (GPX.xcodeproj) in Xcode 4.

  3. Click Product > Build in the menu bar.

How to use framework in my project?

Drag the framework file into the project's Frameworks group, and import the header file.

#import <GPX/GPX.h>

To parsing the GPX file, simply call the parse method :

GPXRoot *root = [GPXParser parseGPXWithString:gpx];

You can generate the GPX :

GPXRoot *root = [GPXRoot rootWithCreator:@"Sample Application"];

GPXWaypoint *waypoint = [root newWaypointWithLatitude:35.658609f longitude:139.745447f]; = @"Tokyo Tower";
waypoint.comment = @"The old TV tower in Tokyo.";

GPXTrack *track = [root newTrack]; = @"My New Track";

[track newTrackpointWithLatitude:35.658609f longitude:139.745447f];
[track newTrackpointWithLatitude:35.758609f longitude:139.745447f];
[track newTrackpointWithLatitude:35.828609f longitude:139.745447f];


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